How proof prints can help to increase photo sales


Online galleries are great for sales because they allow your client to sit in the comfort of their own home while pondering over what photos to buy. What you might not know is that you can increase those online sales by providing your client with some proof prints; tangible prints allow your client to emotionally connect to their photos as well as see different finishes and options that can push them into actually buying more. Check out our top five reasons to provide your client with free proof prints.

Reason #1: The proof is in the pudding.

As a photographer, you’re probably using a nice screen to view your photos, but can you be sure your client is viewing them the same way? Providing your client with free proof prints allows them to see the quality they can expect from your products, which, in turn, can give them confidence to make large-product purchases. Remember, it’s easy to make an image look nice on the web nowadays, but to make a photo look beautiful in print requires a high-quality photo, and that’s where you can prove the great standard of your photography to your client.

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